Terms of Use

Any and all uses of the game World Wide Hack (hereinafter referred to as the "Game") are governed by the following Terms of Use between you, the user, and Lotus Innovations s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Lotus Innovations"). You hereby acknowledge that you have read and understand all the terms and conditions in this agreement and agree to be bound by them.


You may use the computer software obtained via your browser for the sole purpose of playing the Game by accessing the website quantech.tech and it's subdomains ("Website") or one of following Distribution platforms: Steam, GOG (hereinafter referred to as the "Distributors"). You hereby accept a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Game on one or more computers owned by you or under your legitimate control, solely for non-commercial entertainment purposes only.

The Game is only playable online. A persistent Internet connection (which is not supplied by the Lotus Innovations) is required to play, and you are responsible for all costs and expenses associated with acquiring any hardware, software, or other products or services required to play the Game.

The Lotus Innovations may (but is not required to) deploy or provide updates and modifications to the Game without your knowledge and consent. All such updates and modifications are part of the Game.

The Lotus Innovations is not obliged to supply any updates or even to operate or continue support of the Game for an indefinite period.


You agree not to:

You understand that violation of any of these clauses, as well as any harmful or illegal activity on your part, may lead to instant termination of your account.


All payments and refunds are processed and controlled by Distributors. The Lotus Innovations does not control any payment or refunds related issues and does not provide any support or help regarding payments, billing, etc. You understand and agree that you should contact relevant Distributor for any support or help you need regarding these issues.


The Lotus Innovations may modify these Terms of Use upon notification on this website worldwidehack.eu. You may always review any changes on the worldwidehack.eu website. Your continued use of the Game after a modification of the Terms will be deemed as your acceptance of any modified terms.


The Game is protected by the copyright laws of the Slovakia, international treaties and conventions, and other laws. All copyrights, trademark rights, and all other intellectual rights related to the Game belong to Lotus Innovations. You acknowledge and agree that you have no interest, monetary or otherwise, in any feature or content contained in the Game.

All disputes that cannot be settled according these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the Slovakia.