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Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council as main sponsor.

Hello gamers!

Welcome to the official website of the World Wide Hack where you can find more information about the game. As you can see, we are working on a hacking multiplayer simulation with RPG elements from a quantum computing environment and you can participate on the development.

World Wide Hack is a game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity with a strong story set in the worlds of parallel realities. You can take challenges, complete quests, make decisions and cooperate or compete with another players trying to influence the story and the whole world. Enjoy cooperation or fighting the others in hacking environment and use your skills to explore this epic game experience.

realistic hacking
living NPC
dynamic world

Why you should play it?

  • enjoy game interaction with players from community group
  • chance to influence the final game
  • you can be part of the epic story
  • option of many playing styles according to gameplay
  • participation on flow of the game storyline
  • feeling of realistic hacking experience

World Wide Hack is currently under development but we have finished our demo as you can see in the plan below. Our game is suitable for PC Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Google Chrome is recommended browser but full game is going to be a standalone application.

World Wide Hack

Simulations are great for peeking into specific field and exploring some topic in practical entertaining way. This game is going to reveal hacking experience in living futuristic IT context emphasizing importance of cybersecurity. Surround yourself with huge amount of players passionate about technological progress and interested in influence of innovations on the whole society just like you are.

This text-based game has entertaining but realistic hacking and cybersecurity aspects which are set inside dynamic narrative. The feeling of being a part of deep story and complex universe is core of the player´s experience and engaging gameplay. Enjoy the futuristic atmosphere of science research center using quantum technologies to change the world as we know it.

More about the game...

In World Wide Hack world, you - as a player - are making decisions by accomplishing quests and investigating persistent network of computers owned by people (living NPCs and players) in parallel reality. You should use your power to influence life of the game characters which have various nature, problems and story. By doing that you can change the whole story through the documents, software and data saved on their computers.


You are able to interact with other people in multiplayer as well in PvP. Network of computers can be accessed by terminal of QuanTech company application in information system. This company is working on research about quantum computers and accidentally discovers possibility to connect to this parallel realities via their application.

World Wide Hack is PvP and PvE simulator which dynamically reacts to player actions. You should collect hacking, security and analytics tools and secure your node from which you can explore whole network and attack another player´s devices. Basic gameplay is consisting of various types of quests which you can complete in many ways according to your preferences. Every option of finishing the quest has real effect in the game - you can see it right in the story and in the state of the whole game world. You have to use various dynamics to defend yourself and control the network thanks to effective hacking and protecting strategy you should choose.

All tools, mechanics and strategies used in World Wide Hack are based on real hacking methods modified for gaming purposes.

We are trying to keep deep feeling of realistic hacking atmosphere and experience but at the same time avoid too complex lengthy principles by simplifying them. The result is enjoyable hacking process with real basis and fresh dynamics adding gamification and fun elements.

If you want to try all these mechanics and taste hacking game experience as soon as possible, don´t hesitate to check our Patreon profile.


You can get in contact with us and community in multiple ways. We would realy like to hear your feedback and also get you in touch with other players so can enjoy game and it's development with others.

To just chat with us and follow news, you can write us on FB page
or on discord

Otherwise, there is roleplay group created about which you can read below.

Roleplay group

We love the idea of creating deep story influenced by players themselves in open world of computer network. Our goal is to develop a great game around large fan community that will see core of our game as first as possible and try to play it, so we can make progress faster and according to our player´s wishes.

As a reward for your feedback or support, we have prepared for you an interactive roleplay to taste game atmosphere and story from hacking world. You will be in direct contact with dev team and get early access to the game in current phase of development. You can walk through application interface, try to solve our puzzle and complete quests as a tester - fictional employee of the QuanTech company.

By joining our roleplay community of fan and players in Facebook group you get:

  • direct contact with dev team
  • early access to a demo version
  • chance to test new features
  • participation on development process
  • taste of roleplay story extension
  • invitation to online events in game
  • ingame meetings and battles with dev team
  • easy cooperation with another players
  • updates about current status of the development


We are starting our activity in Facebook Roleplay Group early next week. You can look forward to first taste of our early demo. To not miss it, join the group.

We are planning to engage you - our community - through many future ingame events, which we are currently planning.


december 2018

  • first Prototype created
  • active community testing of prototype

may 2019

  • Prototype finalized

december 2019

  • first Demo version - early access for community
  • preparing community
  • ready context - websites, game
  • training in Demo and few puzzles

january 2020

  • Demo version is done
  • full training program
  • full application puzzle
  • access tu multiplayer first quests

march 2020

  • new Story content
  • extended quest system
  • focus on PvP and multiplayer system
  • web tools
  • balancing

june 2020

  • OS versions
  • NPC content and living NPCs
  • dynamic world
  • soundtrack
  • finished Story

october 2020

  • reworked Demo
  • finished half of all quests
  • started potencial Kickstarter
  • side stories
  • finished soundtracks
  • clickable GUI and other graphic improvements
  • new version tools
  • progress and quests special mechanics
  • Alpha version finished

january 2021

  • all quests done
  • balancing and finished tools
  • all improvements done
  • economics and multiplayer balancing

april 2021

  • polishiing
  • bugfixing
  • preparation for release and release
  • Beta version finished


Creating a good game costs time and energy and it's hard to reach our goals without any financial help. So we are looking for some Patrons who like this idea behind project as we do and want to help us to make it in best quality and shortest time so we can finally play it!


Our team already gained some financial support to develop vertical slice from Slovak fund called Slovak Arts Council so also thanks to this we are are able to finish game. But we still need more money to cover expenses for following more then year of development.

Support us so we can finish all hacking and game mechanics, complete whole story, prepare epic content, upgrade graphic interface and make the game playable and enjoyable. And of course we need coffee to make all our ideas happen so every dollar is better than nothing!

You can speed up release of the full game by participating on funding development so don’t hesitate to join us on Patreon. Enable us to continue working and receive your rewards that we are offering.

Thank you for keeping gaming alive!

Our team

We are 6 enthusiastic people standing behind design and development of the game. Our common goal is to create outstanding project that is going to merge people, fun, epic story, adventure, learning and challenges. We know that best game design is based on research, data, best practices and constant feedback, so we realize the importance of you - our fan community and testing players.

  • Peter Pač is the author of the whole idea and our manager and main developer.
  • Monika Martonová works on game design, player´s experience and also structure and content of game tutorial.
  • Ján Oravčok takes care of financing, PR and marketing.
  • Lenka Naďová is responsible for the story line and almost all text parts in the game.
  • Martin Pikulík is graphic designer responsible for the visual style and content of the game.
  • Jakub Štefanišin is participating on the game development.


Mgr. et Mgr. Zdeněk Záhora

Music & Sounds
by Kea Audio Solutions

Font White Rabbit by Matthew Welch

Other graphic sources