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hacking, mmo, simulation, text-based


Web, Windows, Linux, Mac


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World Wide Hack is an MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for the Web, PC, and Mac. You hack into the leaked system of QuanTech company and, with other hackers, reveal their secrets while exploring experimental open-world networks.

Manipulate corporations' and inhabitants' lives by hacking their computers, observe the consequences of your actions and decide if you want to protect or exploit this world.

Collect the most effective sets of hacking and security tools, gather assets, and improve your computer to hack others, control parts of the network, or create the best websites and tools which will help other hackers and make you rich! Work with others to make your experimental activities useful for your faction and lead with them the world in the right direction.

Find out how easily some can manipulate many and how powerful but dangerous control over the information can be...


Fun, yet authentic hacking

Real-life hacking & security tools which are authentic, yet modified to be fun and created with a number of options to strategize

Decisions and consequences

Use your power to manipulate the life of the game characters and corporates which have various problems and stories and in the end affect the world balance

Rich dynamic story with replayability

Engaging main story and mini-stories in quests bring the player new perspectives on world problems. Discover different views of two factions, finding new pieces with every gamethrough

Realistic atmosphere

From the first contact with QuanTech application you are pulled in a realistic atmosphere of corporate environment and their secret quantum experiments, where nothing break your immersion

Cooperate, compete or go solo

Full of puzzles in competitive and cooperative quests, playable in both multiplayer and solo-like gameplay with your decision of involving into PvP and area control fights

Learn about cybersecurity

Experience living futuristic IT context emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. Find yourself surrounded with other players passionate about technological progress and innovations, learning about impact of technology on the modern society


Pre-Alpha gameplay trailer








Slovak Arts Council - main partner


"The experience of being a hacker that is realistic yet fun"

"Hacking that changes the worlds"

"Today there are much worse things that are hacked and manipulated than just computers"

"Our society and our minds are hacked many times more than computers"

Story teaser

During the quantum computing experiments our research company called QuanTech discovered an interesting fact. We managed to create something looking like simulation of our world using quantum computers but at this time it's not obvious what it means to us. We believe that we are able to use this invention to profit for our world. The key is a professionally developed application from which we can control the whole simulation. But this simulation should never get out behind walls of our company! Its existence had to be hidden because of many possibilities of misusing. Thanks to our IT team we have everything under control and nobody can affect our simulation because of limited access and rights.

Via our application we are providing social, economic and health experiments which have the goal to bring an environment for testing hypotheses about deciding what is beneficial for the world. We are sure that this is the way to progress and success in our society. Our company realizes the risk and possible negative impact of these inventions according to the history of humankind so our methods are careful and absolutely safe.

Are you interested in participation in our experiment, on our innovative research and assisting with your work to the most important progress of our society in history? Do you have IT skills, analytic thinking and attention to detail? If you can manage work under pressure and deal with responsibility, contact us on website http://quantech.tech

Why we need media visibility

We want to get in touch with potential future players who will help us finish the game and grow our player community as this is an MMO type of game. Our game is very specific and atypical, oriented on both people interested in internet security and IT and also for common people who want to understand more about cybersecurity, try to be in hacker position, experience atmosphere of manipulating world through computers and hacking, and learn how to be more safe in this modern internet world.

Lotus Innovations

Lotus Innovations is currently a small indie team creating innovative hacking simulation with futuristic atmosphere. We already finished our WWH demo (free to play) and next development is in progress. Our goal is to look for opportunities to bring together education and games in a creative, immersive way. Games are our work and also fun for us, it's part of our professional life and also free time - we are exploring, playing, analyzing, writing about it and creating. We are enjoying cooperation with great consultants from the game industry and from university and work with a game community of experts, players and designers ready to help. The whole team knows that best game design is staying on research, best practices and constant feedback.

Based in: Trebisov, Slovakia
Founded in: 2019
Size of team: 5
Web: http://lotusinnovations.eu
Public email contact: info@lotusinnovations.eu


Peter Pač [Lotus Innovations]
manager / game designer / developer

Lenka Naďová [Lotus Innovations]
content creator / story writer

Monika Martonová [Lotus Innovations]
game designer / tester

Martin Pikulík [Lotus Innovations]
graphic designer

Marek Sabo [Lotus Innovations]
graphic designer

Kea Audio Solutions
sounds & soundtrack creators

Taimoor Ahmed
video editor

Zdeněk Záhora